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Super Sus
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73 reviews
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Teamwork and betrayal in space


Super Sus is a party game set in a spaceship, in which up to nine players can be part of a peculiar crew. Each crew member will have to carry out a number of ship maintenance tasks, but one of them is not who they appear to be. One of them is the Impostor. And the Imposter's objective will be to eliminate the rest of the players before they discover who it is.

Super Sus's controls are perfectly adapted to touch devices. With your left thumb you can control the movement of your crew member and with the right thumb you can carry out the different actions, such as interacting with elements of the setting or killing another crew member (only if you are controlling the Impostor). Each of the maintenance tasks that crew members can perform also has a unique mini-game associated with it.


Super Sus games have a maximum duration of seven minutes. During this time, the Impostor will have to try to kill the rest of the crew members, while they need to carry out the maintenance tasks of the spacecraft. When a crewmember finds the body of a fellow crewmember, they can raise the alarm. By doing so, all crew members will be able to talk and vote on who they think is the Impostor and, if they reach an agreement, they will be able to expel them from the ship.

Unlike what happens in other similar games, which can become somewhat monotonous, in Super Sus you will find a great variety of game modes. In addition to the 'classic mode', which will allow you to enjoy the more traditional experience; you will find four other different game modes, which offer different original variants. You will even be able to customize the games as you wish thanks to the Workshop.

Super Sus is one of the best party games you can find on Android, by far. The game not only offers a similar experience to Among Us, but with more game modes, more types of characters and more variety; but it does so with absolutely outstanding visuals and with the voice chat tool integrated within the game itself. A 10/10 game.

Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 5.0 or higher required

Frequent questions

Is Super Sus available on PC?

Super Sus is a game for smartphones and tablets. You can download the APK and play it natively on Android or with an emulator on PC. There's also a web version.

Which is better: Among Us or Super Sus?

Although Among Us was the first game of its kind, Super Sus offers the same playability and includes many changes. For example, each character has more attributes, which you can use to create better strategies in order to win.

How many players can play in a Super Sus game?

Super Sus is an online game where you can play with up to nine real players from all around the world. The objective is to discover the impostor.

How do you buy GS in Super Sus?

The currency in Super Sus is called GS, which is short for GoldStar. With it, you can unlock better looks for your characters, as well as new objects.

Information about Super Sus

Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Action/Adventure
Language English
72 more
Author PIProductions
Downloads 547,042
Date Jul 12, 2024
Content Rating +7
Advertisement Not specified
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apk Android + 5.0 Jun 26, 2024
apk Android + 5.0 Jun 27, 2024
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73 reviews


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glamorousgoldenpineapple76093 icon
4 weeks ago

super Uber ugly sus noise from room

calmvioletcactus58740 icon
4 weeks ago


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1 month ago


glamorousgreyacacia16513 icon
1 month ago

This game is very good I recommend you download it

glamorousbrownsheep86059 icon
1 month ago

Among us

lazygoldenpear58286 icon
1 month ago

Very nice game, thank you for your effort


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